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Maclura pomifera
Osage Orange
Maclura pomifera
To 60', Zone 4. Tough, adaptable native tree. Normally short trunk, wide spreading branches occasionally pendulous. Bright green summer leaf, yellow fall color. Large, inedible fruit resembles a green orange. Hardwood prized for bow-making and rot resistant fence posts. Good for hedgerows, windbreaks and reclamation.

            Unit Price Per Plant
Grade/AgeSizeNo.Per BundleBundle+100+500+2500+Plants OrderedCost
SEEDLING (2-0)6-12"100$1.17$1.17$0.811600 $0.00
SEEDLING (2-0)12-18"501.841.330.92500 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0)18-24"502.181.581.09400 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0) CON18"+502.001.451.00150 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0) CON<18"1001.121.120.77500 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)3-6"252.762.001.3825 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)6-12"253.182.311.59500 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)12-18"103.682.671.84290 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)18-24"104.403.192.20250 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)2-3'105.143.732.57130 0.00
Totals: 0$0.00
Specie Total Determines the Quantity Price.
Quantity Denotes Number of Plants Ordered. System Will Automatically Round Up to a Full Bundle.


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