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Ligustrum vulgare
Common Privet
Ligustrum vulgare
Shrub to 15' if unsheared, Zone 4. Commonly used as either a sheared or unsheared hedge. Foliage is distinct dark green, white flowers. Shipment prohibited to Connecticut, Maine and Tennessee. *Additional packing and freight charges may apply to larger sizes.

            Unit Price Per Plant
Grade/AgeSizeNo.Per BundleBundle+100+500+2500+Plants OrderedCost
SEEDLING (2-0)3-6"100$0.75$0.75$0.52600 $0.00
SEEDLING (2-0)12-18"501.541.120.7750 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0)2-3'252.421.751.21375 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0)3-4'102.942.131.4720 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0) CON18"+501.401.020.70100 0.00
SEEDLING (2-0) CON<18"1000.620.620.43200 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)12-18"103.402.471.70180 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)12-18"103.402.471.70130 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)18-24" 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR)2-3'105.243.802.62100 0.00
TRANSPLANT (2-2TR) CON18"+103.662.651.8350 0.00
Totals: 0$0.00
Specie Total Determines the Quantity Price.
Quantity Denotes Number of Plants Ordered. System Will Automatically Round Up to a Full Bundle.


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