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Do I have to have an account to purchase plants on www.lawyernursery.com?
   No you don't. However creating an account makes the purchasing process easier at checkout particularly if you add addresses to the address book.
I have tried to place my order and I have received an error message. What can I do to save my shopping cart?
   You can't save your cart. What you can do is print your cart and fax it to our sales office. One of our staff members will finish the ordering process for you. The fax number is 406-826-5700. Please send a description of the error message to webmaster@lawyernursery.com.
Where can I find explanations of sizes, grades and abbreviations used on the website?
   click on the 'Nursery Department Information' link at the bottom of the page and choose 'General Trade Information'
Can I download a complete Nursery Stock Availability Listing?
   Yes, a plain text file can be downloaded. Click on 'Nursery Department Information' at the bottom of this page then choose 'Download Availability List'
Where can I find information on Lawyer Nursery Seed Department?
   Click on the 'Seed Department Information' link on the bottom of the page. On line ordering for the Seed Department is not available at this time but you can view our seed list and print out an order form to mail, fax or phone your order.

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