We are a grower of bareroot nursery stock for the wholesale trade. Most of our products are grown in open fields for one or more growing seasons. We also have green house production of conifer and deciduous plugs. Once the growing season is done we dig, sort, grade, count and bundle our plants for storage and shipment.

Many of our broadleaf deciduous species are dug after they are fully dormant in the fall and early winter months. Conifers grown at our Olympia Washingtion Nursery are dug midwinter. At our main farm, conifers, along with select deciduous stock, are dug as early as possible in the spring. We hold our stock in modern, humidified cold storage facilities until shipped.

We propagate our nursery stock from seed, cuttings, grafts, and tissue culture. Lawyer Nursery offers one of the largest selections of field grown, bareroot, woody plants in the American wholesale nursery trade.

Pricelist Legend
Standard Age Notation

Key To Abbreviations & Symbols

  • BR = Branched
  • Bdl = Bundle
  • C = Cutting (hardwood)
  • CON = Seedling Conservation Grade
  • COP = Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation
  • CVI = Certified Virus Indexed
  • G = Graft
  • MNRC = Minnesota Research Center
  • N.F. = National Forest
  • P = Plug
  • PMC = Plant Materials Center
  • RC = Rooted Cutting
  • S = Seedling
  • SF = State Forest
  • TC = Tissue Culture
  • TR = Transplant
  • TRCON = Transplant Conservation Grade
  • USDA = United States Department of Agriculture
  • VT = Virus Tested
  • #1 = Rooted cutting with 12″ min. height


We grade to accepted industry standards of size, quality and count. We urge our customers with questions on expected grades to call and discuss our grading standards in advance of ordering. We also offer custom grading on large orders at a negotiated rate.

Height grades are measured from the root collar or soil line. Consideration in height grading is given to the shoot or top form, although acceptable limits will depend very much on the species and normally intended use.

Generally, our caliper graded stock is intended for rootstock purposes and in grading minimal consideration is given to the form and height of the top of the plant. Caliper grades are measured above the root collar and the following equivalences are adhered to in our grading:

Caliper Grades

English Metric Grade Number
<3/32″ #4
3/32″ 2-3 mm #3
1/8″ 4-5mm #2
3/16″ 5-7mm #1
1/4″ 7-10mm 1/4″
3/8″ 10-13mm 3/8″


B-grade is stock that has been discounted due to cosmetic flaws and other minor deficiences. It does not meet our standard for our high-quality A grade. Samples are available upon request if quantities are sufficient. B-grade material is not available until we are sold out of our A-grade stock.


Conservation grade is intended and suited for planting shelterbelts, erosion control, windbreaks, wildlife habitat and other conservation purposes. Conservation stock is graded mainly on the merits of its possible survival with minimal consideration to deficiencies which may detract from its value in the ornamental nursery trade. Size may in form and other attributes vary considerably, although extremes are not normally included within the same bundle. Availability of this grade for some species may be limited if most of the crop meets the higher standards set for other grades.


We have Certified Virus Indexed stock (CVI) available for our Canadian customers and for those needing CVI stock for their grafting or budding programs. Using the most accurate procedures available, we can confirm the availability of virus indexed stock very early in the season. Most of our budded fruit trees are virus indexed.

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