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Ordering Help

Occasionally there will be problems with the shopping cart. We hope these suggestions will help to make your shopping experience successful and easier should you encounter problems with the ordering process.

  • It is always best to have an account set up on this website. This account gives you the opportunity to save your addresses. This saves entry time when it is time to check out because you can simply chose the address that you would like to use for shipping and billing from the list. This will auto populate the address, city, state and zip and phone number fields for you.
  • An account will also store the cart for a short period of time if there is a failure in the checkout process.
  • If the cart is sluggish and or non responsive please send date and time that you attempted order to webmaster@lawyernursery.com
  • If you have shopped for your plants and have proceeded through the checkout process and get an error when you attempt to place the order make sure that you have checked the terms and conditions checkbox and that you have made a choice reqarding subsitutions.
  • If you still receive an error please print your shopping cart and fax it to 406-826-5700. One of our staff will complete the order process for you. If you have time please send an email to webmaster@lawyernursery.com and describe your experience. Please include Internet connection type and browser version in your description.

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